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European Ph.D In Socio-Economic And Statistical Studies

Offered by

Sapienza Università di Roma

Fields of Study

Legal, Political, Economic and Statistical Sciences

Working Languages

Italian, English


European Ph.D In Socio-Economic And Statistical Studies

Research Areas

In 2001, the Faculties of Economics, Sociology and Statistics at Sapienza University of Rome launched the European Ph.D. in Socio-Economic and Statistical Studies (SESS.EuroPhD), in collaboration with a consortium of universities in other European countries: Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin, Universitat de Barcelona, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille, University of Southampton, University of Tampere and University of Haifa. By 2015 these universities have been joined by a new member partner: the High School of Economics of Moscow.
The objective of the European PhD in Socio-Economic and Statistical Studies is to provide the students with the economic, sociological and statistical bases to successfully undertake an academic or research career in national or international organizations.
The SESS.EuroPhD strives to attain the following objectives: a) to strengthen European and international research through the transnational promotion of young scientists; b) to harmonize doctoral education through a common curriculum, semester abroad, the transfer of credits, coordinated counseling, and the reciprocal recognition of the degree; c) to advance interdisciplinary research through a common educational strategy; d) to stimulate inter-cultural and comparative research along these lines; e) to develop a specific PhD culture, along the lines of the Anglo-American system of graduate schools, but preserving the specific national European traditions typical for the participating countries.

Regarding the programme, there are seven major areas of research that are prioritized in dissertation projects:
- The interrelationship between economic and social structures
- Processes of change of economic organizations and institutions
- Markets as social structures and networks
- Labour market, employment, and conflict
- Welfare state analysis and social security
- Economic and social inequality and social justice
- Social ethics of the market in face of globalization

Candidates must have completed an academic education with above average results of a minimum of five years in the fields of social sciences or economics. They should have fulfilled the degree requirements equivalent to a Master of Arts as established by the respective national grant authorities or laid down in the guidelines of the respective university. The degree must be obtained by the beginning of the academic year they want to apply for. English proficiency at an academic level is required.

PhD Full

Starting date:Nov 01, 2017
Duration:36 months

PhD Sandwich

Starting date: from Nov 01, 2017
Duration: from 3 to 12 months


Starting date: from Nov 01, 2017
Duration: from 3 to 12 months

Master research

Starting date: from Nov 01, 2017
Duration: from 3 to 6 months


Academic contact

Martina Vizzani

Institutional contact

Martina Vizzani