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Political Studies

Offered by

Sapienza Università di Roma

Fields of Study

Legal, Political, Economic and Statistical Sciences

Working Languages

Italian, English


Political Studies

Research Areas

This Doctorate aims at a deep understanding of modern and contemporary Politics, analyzed using a variety of primary and secondary sources, with an interdisciplinary method. The many links between political ideas and political events, between theory and action, will be the focus of the Doctorate, and its students are encouraged at developing a critical vision of politics while at the same time building it on a precise historical and philological method.

The success of the Doctorate could be certified by the numerous former fellows who later became, after having concluded it, Professors and lecturers in various Universities in Italy and abroad. The aim of the Doctorate course is to encourage high level research in the area of international studies from the historical and political point of view .

The PhD is organized in different branches, from History of political Thought to History and Theory of Socialization process, to History and Theory of international relations and cooperation. The main research topics addressed are: integration process and conflicts in Europe; transformations of democracy in contemporary world; political participation and organization in the “Global Age”; new forms of communication, with particular reference to mass communication, political communication and the role of public opinion; political identity in multicultural societies; trends of international cooperation in contemporary world.

PhD Full

Starting date:Nov 01, 2017
Duration:36 months

PhD Sandwich

Starting date: from Nov 01, 2017
Duration: from 3 to 12 months


Starting date: from Nov 01, 2017
Duration: from 3 to 12 months

Master research

Starting date: from Nov 01, 2017
Duration: from 3 to 6 months


Academic contact

Martina Vizzani

Institutional contact

Martina Vizzani