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UNIPI - Università di Pisa

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Pisa, Toscana


The University of Pisa is one of the most renowned Italian universities, officially founded in 1343. Among its glories is Galileo Galilei, who was born and studied in Pisa and became professor in 1589. Today the University of Pisa is a prestigious modern centre of teaching and advanced research. It offers the project MCI “Mobility CONFAP-ITALY”, 76 postgraduate degree programmes and 33 doctoral programmes in all the main areas of knowledge and advanced professional education. Besides this excellent academic offer, the city of Pisa is a very friendly and safe city, well attuned to people's needs and with great weather, cool summers and a mild winter.



Fabiana Ubinha Almeida

Lungarno Pacinotti 44, 56127 Pisa, Italy

tel:+39 050 221 2262
tel:+39 331 768 9482

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