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UNITO - Università di Torino

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The University of Torino (UniTo) is one of the largest Italian Universities with about 70.000 students (5,2% International Students) and 1.250 PhD Students, it offers over 150 undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses and 29 Doctoral Programs in almost every field of study.

UniTo is deeply involved at international level, through the participation in international and research projects, the establishment of joint educational courses (34 double-degree programs) and through the subscription of cooperation agreements (roughly 700) with Universities all around the world.



Alessandra Pachì

Via Po 35, 10124 Torino

tel:+39 011 6704390
tel:+39 011 6708526
tel:+39 011 6709621

fax:+39 011 2361107

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